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August 12, 2010


John G



JG! Hope you are well, Amigo.

Ken Meyer Jr.

Wow...after all those hundreds of paintings for books and cards and I have never even heard of this con. geez.


Ken, send me a message on FB or email me and I'll hook you up with somebody with the show.
- TB

Chris J

Tim, will you be selling anything at the Toronto Convention?


Affirmative, Chris.
I'll have a few artbooks (archetype), and a bunch of gorgeous full color giclees, mostly Punisher. If you have a request let me know.
Best - TB


Hey Tim just met you at fan expo and bought a print of the punisher cover from the last issue of valley forge valley forge. its got a great spot framed on my wall. hope to see you at more cons


DANG! but to be honest, the busier you stay the more I get to ogle at your work =)

Of which I have to ask, and I totally understand if you don't answer. But do you pencil before you ink? Did you in the past and no longer need to?

Keep dominating!


jhaysonn - Most definitely, I always pencil and then do the inks unless it's a sketch er something. At shows I just sketch with a pen so usually no pencils there. But the serious work always gets a full dose of graphite ;)


Just wanted to say I have loved your work since Vampire the Masquerade and loved Bullseye forever, so I am very excited about Perfect Game and your covers; awesome work!

Tim Bradstreet

Thank you most graciously, Kirsty ;)

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