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October 03, 2010


Karen Randall

I feel the same way but of course could not express it as well. he was my music whisperer.

amy georgi

Tim,,,I also found friendship/kinship with our Steve. Lots of mutual love in music and digging through each others albums and saying "hey I have that album too",,,always trying to talk me out of my Frank Zappa stuff, or my Beatle albums. Play music trivia with one another,,,always good with a free spirited zinger to get a smile, he's done too soon. We all shall meet again one fine day, in the mean while, his friend Doug is awaiting his arrival. Love and Peace.

amy georgi

Almost forgot,,,he was the only person I know who could do a perfect Ozzy impression with the eyeliner and all, singing along to crazy train at the old place on Douglas. Times were good there even when they weren't good, they quickly became better.

Ed King

Nicely worded Tim!

I have very mixed feelings on Steves passing. That night you discussed was one of many hundreds I shared with Steve at that age.

One Steve Knoth story…

Steve gave me relentless hell when we were kids as my dad was a beautician. That’s what they called hair stylists in those days. The best comeback I had was to give Steve relentless hell for living in a pink house. This worked splendidly until my brother told Steve that his house was actually pepo-beige. Steve grimaced, and I spent years coming up with a new, effective comeback. Anytime I hear the word beige I reflexively think, pepo-beige. I don’t believe that’s a color, is it?


Ed! You know I can't really think of Knoth without thinking of you (and vice-versa) and you've been on my mind a great deal. As Jack Burton once said, "We really shook the pillars of heaven didn't we?" - Sure, back in the day we certainly fucking well DID! Together. I remember the PINK HOUSE fondly and I used to tease him relentlessly that it was the Salmon-colored house until Mellencamp came out with Pink Houses, then I'd sing him a bit of the chorus as I past him in the halls . . . He loved/hated that ;) My love to you, baby. I miss ya prodigious mucho - TB

Eric Keefauver

Tim nailed it with "Sardonic wit": as it too fascinated me. I will always remember the hallway conversations that Steve and I had in high school. Our friendship was not written in the books for others to read and know... ours was a friendship of taking the time (and we always made time) between classes to quickly converse about music which always began with Steve, in a deep voice saying, "Keefauver!" You will be missed friend! --Keef


That's fantasticness, Eric. We remember the Nightrider . . . Wish we could all share Knoth stories in the flesh, NOW - TB


I once asked steve why he never made fun of me in school like so many others did and he said it aint right to make fun of people chris cause I wouldnt want it done to me I too tim will miss his wit and his humor and the human being he was .MY life was richer for knowing him


Tina Gill

Tim thank you for putting into words what we're all feeling...
I got to know Steve from 1st grade to BSH and beyond. For at least 11 years he was a part of my daily life. There are so many Steve stories but the one that now says it all for me is this...
Every year on the first day of class, somehow Steve was never there;) So every year when they called roll they'd always say Steve Knuth... and I'll always answer... it's Knoth not Knuth and he's not here.
He may not be here but he will always be in my heart until we meet again.
With Love,

Keith Grogg

Thanks for this, Tim. I am just devastated right now and sad that I so rarely ever spoke with Steve after high school.

Keith Grogg


This is one of many things Steve was good at, bringing people together. Fitting that his curtain-call has brought out a prodigious pack of chums that haven't crossed paths for decades in many cases.
Grogg - I still haven't forgotten KinderGAAAAArten, Hoye, well said, luv. Gill, been too long!

Debbie Freeman Pauken

Ok ya' all... this is precisely why I BEGGED you to come to our reunions..... maybe this is a lesson for all of us! :)

Keith Grogg

Tim, I am now cracking up as I say that word over and over in my head again...as usual...

Debbie, you have an uncanny ability to make me feel like a total slug, which is frankly astounding after all this time (and yet, I still love it when you talk to me. That is so messed up).

Ken Todd

Nice tribute Tim.

I remember spending many nights at Steve's house. We watched many episodes of MASH and made tons of crank calls.

Steve was such a unique person, like others said he was able to bring people together rather than push them away. I really missed seeing him at the last reunion.

One of my favorite memories of Steve is from grade school. He would run or "fly" around O'Neil park with a towel pinned around his neck like he was Superman.

I am so glad I was able to know Steve and can only hope he is having a drink with Lennon as I write this.

Ken Todd

Ed King

Tim, Thanks again! I need to let some of this out and I cannot do it in person.

Steve and I honed our skills of wise-assing together from an early age. His parents told him that I was a bad influence on him and my parents told me that he was the bad influence. He and I had many joint meetings with local law enforcement and I crack up even today remembering some of the crap we pulled. We were once pulled over by the police with their guns drawn. They took us to Long John Silvers and lined us up in front of the employees. They told the police that we were not the ones who robbed them. The next day we read in the paper that two women wearing ski masks had robbed LJS’s the previous night. This was not the only time Steve and I were pegged as being less than intimidating.

Every Christmas, each of our mothers would tell us not to call the others house as it was a day for family. By 3:00pm we were talking and trading gifts. As noted, Steve had all the really cool shit. Steve gave me my first Beatles album, Abbey Road. The second side of this album is still my favorite. Steve and I snuck into The Blues Brothers movie several times and we saw countless concerts together. The largest part of why I chose to play music for my living is because of the music he and I listened too as kids. By the way, the first concert Steve attended was not Alice Cooper, as he always claimed, it was The Osmonds. Not a solid musical start for either of us, and yes, he’d rightfully tell me to F-off for telling this story.

When talking to people over the last 24 hours I’ve gotten as far as saying, “we had so much fucking fun,” and then I can no longer speak. I want those people to know that the fond memories I have of Steve are immeasurable. He was the biggest part of a childhood richly lived, in a neighborhood that required an active imagination.

Rick (Woody) told me that Steve did not give up years ago as his health began to fail. I am glad to hear that although Steve had slowed down, his exuberant (spastic) love for life remained. He was without question the most unique individual I ever knew. Steve would not want us to pray for him. He would want us to crack a beer and find a person to harass for their musical tastes! To that I say, Amen brother!

Ken Todd

Hey Ed, I remember that Alice Cooper concert. Steve, his mother and I went to it at ISU. Looking back that would have been so funny to see. Two young boys and his mother at an Alice Cooper concert.

Later on in junior high Steve, Marco Mariani and I went to see Lakeside, Shalamar and the Whispers in concert. Another funny sight I am sure. Three little white boys in a sea predominantly African-Americans.

There we so many nights that we would sneak out of the house and roam around the neighborhood, it is amazing that we survived those times. But things were different then.

I also remember Steve's love of music. When we would go bike riding all over Steve would always have his transistor radio strapped to his handlebars.

He was so devastated the night he found out that Lennon had been killed. I remember just being with with him while he cried. He had a candle in his bedroom window for many nights afterward.

I regret not being able to know him more as an adult, but what a childhood we had!

George Martinez

Tim, you did an awesome job of portraying how and who Steve is. We have all been touched by his presence at some point in our lives and we can all agree what a great friend he was to us. I too will miss his wit, his wildness and most of all his compassion of just the right words to say to the right people. I will miss you my friend.

Sharon Porter McAllister

Here's where my old friends are! Tim, you wrote a beautiful memorial. I think I've been channeling some Steve in the past few days, and I also did some writing about him. It's too long to post here, but I would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to check it out: http://myvintageteenblog.blogspot.com/1983/06/rip-steve-knoth-2010.html.
I'd love to hear from all of you, so drop me a line if you want: sharon.windycity@gmail.com.

Tim Bradstreet

Keith freaking Grogg, Kenny Todd, Sharon (too sexy) Porter, ED bloody KING, George Martinez? Are you fucking kidding me? Thanks Steve.

KT - Knoth used to tell me stories about hanging out with you and a pack of others back in the day from the old neighborhood. Them ties run deep.

Grogg, dear. Knoth was funny as piss. You were funnier ;)

Porter - I absolutely loved reading your blog on 'NOTH. Took me way back. Passionate, resonant, nostalgic, powerful.

Martinez - You crazy magnificent bastard. Hope you're well.

Oh, and Freeman . . . nag, nag, nag . . . ;)
KIdding fer chrissakes!
You know it broke my heart not to be in B-Town for the gathering. Missin' my people. xo

Ed King

Tim has given me permission to post the following…

Share your stories folks! They are relevant. If you do not share, Sharon and I will continue writing!!

It doesn’t have to be deep it could be something like…

“I was running down the hall one day in junior high, Grogg was hitting on a girl waayyyy out of his league, when Steve Knoth tripped me and my shit scattered all over the hall!”


“Steve Knoth was running down the hall one day in junior high, Grogg was hitting on a girl waayyyy out of his league, when I tripped Steve Knoth and his shit scattered all over the hall!”


Start with the following…

“We spent the entire day at The Gallery. Hours later, I was worshiping and resting near the commode at the Sip and Smoke. The Stone’s were playing when at 3:00a.m. I realized…”

See! It’s easy!

Tim Bradstreet

You never needed MY permission, Daddy-O ;)

Yes, please, I know there is a facebook page and you should all stop there and embrace, BUT. FB has a limit to how much you can write. HERE there are NO limits. Not that I can think of anyway ;)

Sincere THANKS to you all who have left a comment. x

Ed King

No, but I did NEED, your approval, Hmmmm? Think about it. Deep shit eh?

Ken Todd!

I imagine you guys were the coolest 14-year-old white boys there, which aint saying much, as you were definitely the only 14-year-old white boys there. I for one had a fro back in those days. If you remember “Bubbah” from the junior high lunchroom, Steve and I went to his church one Sunday. A woman behind us started screaming full out crazy and Bubbah told us that she was speaking in tongues. Steve said, “Damn, I hope I never speak in tongues!” Anyway, I remember all those late night hangs as well.

All the best! Ed

Ed King

Sharon, I’d say you nailed it! Steve was the pied piper of all things entertaining.

I sincerely appreciate your honesty and courage in bringing up the more often (probably for good reason) ignored subjects of conversation. I didn’t hate high school but if the option presented itself I would not go back and relive it. Adulthood is entirely too satisfying.

Concerning the years before high school, you were absolutely an equal part of our group. We were definitely unique at that age but you and Bob were entirely cool in a different way. We desperately needed input from the descendents of Bloomingtons #1 political intellectual. At least that’s the way I like to remember it. :-) And before Steve won over Carmen, a member of that rock-roll hating church you mentioned, you were the only girl in that group. Do understand, at that age we had no idea that it was difficult for you.

Take Care! Ed

Julie Callahan

I love all the stories!

I remember the pink house. We had to do a project for school. I can't remember which class but our group decided to meet at Steve's house. It was the most fun I ever had doing a school assignment. If I remember correctly Kenny Todd was a part of that group, too.

Most of my other memories of Steve are blurry due to the use of certain substances at the time.

Steve and I had a goal in high school to meet at the Sundown Lounge for drinks when we turned 21. Why the Sundown Lounge I don't remember. It was known as a biker bar at the time. Maybe we thought it would be a cool place to meet. Due to life circumstances Steve and I never did meet for that drink.

Please keep posting your memories and stories.


Ken Todd

Ed, thinking back on it now, and after reading Sharon's blog, that first concert was Frank Zappa. No sure how cool we were, but I am certain we thought we were the shit at the time!

That pink house was the talk at the time. Steve used to hate it when people talked about it.

The guy's from the neighborhood, me, Brian Thomas, Jay Wilson, Marco, Keith Ashenbremmer, and Ed, all had a blast. Mostly together but sometimes just one or two of us. At times it was two of us against the others, you that stupid crap we did to each other. It was junior high when our world expanded past the west side.

Another quick story from back in the day. Junior high, we road the bus to school. Had a bus driver that would reference us by the color of our shirt, "Hey blue shirt sit down and be quite". Well one day Steve put on three different colored shirts. When the bus driver would say "red shirt sit down" he took off the red shirt and now had a blue shirt on. So the next time she looked she got all pissed off that she couldn't find the red shirt kid. Ended up taking us back to the school and the asst principle came out to "talk" with us. Steve got into some trouble over that.

Julie, Steve and I only live about half a block from each other. Hell the group back then only lived a few blocks from each other.

I wish I could make it back for the celebration of Steve's life.

How about this, Friday night about 7:00 PST everyone have one last drink with/for Steve and we can all remember him and each other.

Take care everyone, enjoy life and take nothing for granted.


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