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July 05, 2006



Hey Tim!

Long time, Way to go on the Maiden work, that is a dream come true. Your stuff just gets better and better. Just wanted to drop you line and say hey.




Holy shit, that's awesome, Tim!

Mark Walters

Looking sharp my man. Congrats! You should do Weird Al Yankovic's next cover. Just imagine...


OH MAN. Been a fan of maiden forever too. That was a nice suprise, and how unexepected to surf on over here and see that! Way to go Tim! One more thing for you to be signing at Dcon.



I think that the cover you did for Maiden is the best since "7th son of a 7h son" and in my opinion is one of the best 5 covers in the band´s history.

Incredible work.

just one thing: "A matter of life and death" is the 14th studio album by Maiden.

see you


Ever do anything that doesnt involve tracing photos?



IRON MAIDEN RULE man...hell yeah! The second I saw the new cover I was like "Did Bradstreet do this? It looks like Bradsteet."
Good deal I'd say. And ignore that comment from "Tommy". Doing what you do isn't easy, I'm trying to do some stuff like yours!


So please tell us more about what is in the picture... credits or inspirations... nice job by the way.


Eddie should be on bigger role in the album cover...?

Its still nice picture!



Cover suits to Sodom rather than for a Maiden Album.

Another Life

Good work Tim. Keep it up.Most people dont understand that making such things is making a piece of oneself , and if they dont like it -its a bit.. But when they do like it - its very very fun.

I wish you best -and the album cover is perfect.


Consumed Spirit

I have to sayt this is the best Maiden artwork since Fear Of The Dark.

Are you going to do the single covers too?


great cover,totally blown away!

eduard aka eduslayer

Dear Tim, this news are amazing.

I follow your work since a lot of years ago, buying your stuff , all the covers ( i'm sure that some day we will read and new full history from you) and now ... my favorite band Iron Maiden that i saw over 18 times, in Barcelona, London, Belgium .... every where, is going to have a cover created by you.

For me there will be a special connetion with this album

I can't wait to run out again with all the promo stuff and to see the 2LP gatefold artwork.


awesome! but dude, this is their 14th studio album! still must be amazing for you, congrats!


Let me start by saying that IMO, the album cover rocks!

I only wish Eddie was more predominant in the artwork... perhaps we will have some other pics in the album booklet?!?

Up the Irons,



Hey Man congratulations it's a dream come true, really.
I don't knof if you could show some other covers models that you have done for this project, so that I suppose that you did them.

Manuel Sá

Hello there
Well, finally I can see who made this cover. I really had a smile on my face when you spoke about your passion in making drawing during classes.
About this beautiful cover, I just love everything on it. I believe Eddie is in the right place, seems to tell a lot about this album direction. Since the band is trying new directions in their music style, this Eddie, even not posing in the center of the image, is still very powerfull, like a guiding figure who is controling his horde of soldiers. When I saw your cover for Iron Maiden for the first time, I was very happy for it shows a lot of fresh elements on it and it's a reflection of the band's musical style. Eddie's position, the drawing style, the war field (war is such a current element on every maiden song).
I wish you the best and I hope to see more of your inspiring work, great intuition you have!
Hope the best for you.

Estevan De Carli

hi!!!! I'm from Brazil.
Great job, this is wonderfull....sorry, i don't speak english but i have to make this comentary hahahahaha
your dream is true man!!!
Answer in my mail dress!


Hey mate!

Just wanna say what a 'kin great cover that is!! Awesome. Someone posted that it is the best since Fear of the Dark...honestly mate....it's on a par with Seventh Son if you ask me....way better than No Prayer & Fear. WHERE WERE YOU FOR Dance of Death??? lol!!!

Great work mate....like some have said, perhaps Eddie could have been more prominent, but there's so much stuff going on there it's not really an issue!! Have you done a cover for the single???


Jere Juutilainen

Congrats Tim! When I first saw the new album cover in blabbermouth I thought, jeez that looks like Tim Bradstreet art. I was amazed, because you are one of my favourite artists. From the work you did in 2300AD rpg and Vampire the Masquerade into comic books. As I am an old Maiden fan from the early 80's this is just awesome.

Punisher covers are just amazing, keep up the good work.

Helsinki, Finland


Hi Tim!
Great cover art for my favourite band, thanks for it man. So much better than the last one, their worst. Keep up that fine work.

Anonymous Coward

Well, good for you, congrats and all that, but if you really are a longtime Eddie fan as you say you are, you oughta have noticed that Eddie's always been the central element of the past covers, not a small figure somewhere in the background - because that's what I personally dislike about your cover. Of course it's better than Dance Of Death - as if anything wouldn't be... but you should have honoured that tradition, in my opinion.

Just a thought, you'll get over it, I'm sure.

antonio c s gonçalves

up the irons!


this cover is great! Congratulations Tim...I hope to see the booklet in a comic style..with anothers artworks

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