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July 05, 2006


Leonardo Allen Wilczek

Dear Tim,
Congratulations on you artwork for the Maiden album. A lot better than a lot of other artwork people made for the band after Riggs. Unfortunately I ain't got any vinyl from Maiden, so I my tiny CD covers will have to do... If anyone trace the way from "Iron Maiden" to "No Prayer...", one can see that Riggs established the look of ANY Maiden album to come. "Fear of the Dark" was a step away from Derek's feel, but a step not so wide. WHat happened next (the X-Factor doll-like Eddie) was an effort to move away from the old Maiden artwork (since they had a new frontman and tried to change things once and for all). Obviously it was not what anyone expected. OK, they tried to be dark, gothic, realistic, whatever... but Eddie is not supposed to be real. He is an Icon, and fans have come to expect him to be represented as that. "Virtual XI", "Brave New World" and "Dance..." were (as I see it) a clear attempt to bring Eddie back from the old days without looking old-fashioned. And, as I see it, it is YOUR artwork in "A Matter..." the one that reached closer to that task. It felt to me as "WOW, Eddie is Back, he could be just around the corner... but he won't..." :-) He won't because he is an Icon. He is the symbol reminding everyone out there that Maiden is still alive... and Well!!!!! --- Warmest regards from Brazil and congratulations.

Mark Jephcott

Hi Tim,
I just want to say great work. Art is art, it is created in the imagination of the artist. How it manifests as an image, to be conveyed to others, is irrelevant.
Artists use different media and techniques, hell, if everyone did work in the same way there would be little point to it all! Creating and conveying and an image requires great skill, be it with words, music, photographs, or brush strokes (traditional or digital), it is ALL art.
The very fact that you are being asked to produce your artwork speaks volumes. You are obviously passionate about your art. This comes across in your work, and what you have to say.
I myself am an artist, 37 years old, and crippled with rheumatoid arthritis. Also a Maiden fan, and inspired by Derek Riggs artwork, I have been trying to get work as an artist for the last twenty years, as yet I have not had any success. Whether this is due to not knowing how to get into the industry (which is a complete mystery to me), or whether it is due to my work being garbage, I have no idea!!
I have only been working digitally for a month or so, and don't have a website yet, I have managed to get a webpage, but it's not great quality, and it's hardly the same thing as a site! If you fancy a look at a few of my pieces, the address is:- uk.geocities.com/markjephcott1@btinternet.com/art.html
Once more; great work, keep it up. Respect to you and all that you do. Best of luck!!


As always, I am not surprised with your latest accomplishment. You have truly made your mark on the world. You make your daughter proud.

That said, I must say all that work on T2K and Steve's mentoring have certainly paid off. I, however, don't recognize the tanks the way I used to...remember? I was pretty scary about that back then, but then again...it was my job.

Peace be with you my friend,


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Wrex Allen

Hey Tim,

First off, I love the artwork on the cover, but...

A friend of mine pointed something out that I didn't even take notice of. The rifles (AR's) are represented incorrectly. I don't want to point out what right now, because I have a suspicion as to why, but I want to see what you had to say about it. It's driving him nuts, and I've found a quite a few others in various forums online, who are baffled, as well. Any comment? Again, I think I know why you illustrated them, the way that you did, but want to see if I'm right.

At any rate, great job and congrats!

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