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March 10, 2008




Cuco B.

You are one awesome artist who creates beauty in all your work. And you seem like a very good hearted person too. I'd love to give you a big bear hug. saw you at Wizard World L.A.


hi Timothy! i love your work specially the Punisher artwork, i recently found your blog and i tried to subscribe in the rss aggregator, but the feeds are bad and dont have me to subscribe.

other thing is the images, they dont display, this is sad i love your work but this bug is a shame.

if you could please fix it and make a tutorial for your work (yes!)

thanks Timothy!


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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Incidentally it was on the door side and I was standing right by the door. It took good 5 minutes before we managed to shift bodies enough for doors to open. A lot of fun!

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