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May 05, 2008


Forty Seven

Well you are going to be missed im a huge fan of your work. You have inspired me alot. i happen to do a lot of pen and ink. I really think you gave frank castle a good name people now know him as a clint eastwood type of guy. im pretty young but i hope some day i will be guided by bradstreets art to work for marvel. good luck man

oskar ankarudd

Bye, sorry to heare that... thanks for all the inspiration trough all the years, ment alot !

SKÅL from sweden !


You set the bar pretty damn high, and really defined the character for modern times. It will be interesting to see a new direction for Punisher covers, but it will never be the same again.


Your punisher covers were ruthless.
1st time I saw it felt like hot horseshoe branding my ass.
I remember reading the comic and being disappointed because the drawings were different:)

You're mark on "The Punihser" will be never be forgotten.

from S.Korea and no I'm not a commie.


Two thumbs up for all the years youve given us fans. Your work has become the household name to Punisher. Youve taken the character to the next big level.

Youll be missed greatly.


I'm sorry to see both you guys go. I always enjoyed your work on The Punisher. No one can duplicate your style of art. You are one of a kind. You're the reason I got back into reading comics in the first place. I hope you do decide to revisit the character,that would make my day! Peace.


Beautiful work by a beautiful person. Thanks for making this world more beautiful.


does this mean marvel will keep punisher max going


i have a question, why didnt you ever use jigsaw in the max series? if you could, could you respond to this at my email.


Awesome covers, and your style is so particular and so cool! I luv your style and your designs, i like Punisher but since the first time i 've seen a Punisher's pic drawn by your hand i fall in luv literally, compliments again!


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looking forward to talking to you all. :)


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