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January 23, 2010


Jim Cornelius

Whooo boy!

My favorite era, favorite mileu, favorite artist, favorite author.


Rock on! You humble me, Sir. Hope you dig the book when it comes out. One thing I know for sure is that the stories are absolute dynamite!

Bob Garcia

Oooooooo. I can't wait. I love the El Borak stories. Your illos should change how people look at them for years...Fantastic. (Man, I gotta go lay down.)


Tim, please tell me you didn't ink that horse using only hatching and cross-hatching. I've been looking at this image for the past hour and I've come to the conclusion that its the only way you could have created those small white spaces on the image.
Am I right?

Patrick J. Kennedy

I am really psyched for this collection for 2 reasons, far as I know Tim hasn't really done to much of Howard's stuff and I've never read ANY of Howard's Arabian adventures! Sweet looking stuff!


@ J.E. - The very wispy textures that look like blowing sand are created from a texture I cooked up by swiping gesso on a thick board. Scanned it, then inverted (reversed) it, then screened the gessoed texture over the piece. So there is a digital layer on this. The rest of the fat hatch, crosshatch, white strokes and dry-brush stuff is all a part of the actual illustration.

The screened texture added a unique atmosphere to the desert images. I wanted a layer of chaff to add guts to the environment and this was how I solved it graphically ;)

John Mercer

I just received this book and what a wonderful surprise! A complete collection of El Borak stories is great to begin with, since Gordon is one of Howard's most interesting characters, but you've presented a fresh interpretation that really brings them alive. Fantastic stuff!!

Michael Gage

I like the bare-headed look on El Borak. He's often shown with some sort of headwrap, a burnoose or even a pith helmet and it has never quite looked right to me. Can't remember what the texts have to say about his headgear but he looks good without a hat.


No one goes bare-headed when traveling in Afghanistan (or any desert), nor would men as desert-wise as El Borak or Kirby O'Donnell have done so....Nice work, though....

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